Welcome to the Alzheimer’s Research Association (ARA)
Dedicated to helping the Caregivers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Alzheimer’s Research Association (ARA)  We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the Caregivers of Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Our goal is to make the life of the Caregiver a more rewarding and easier experience by providing educational and support services to the Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients


The Alzheimer’s Research Association is also a proud partner and sponsor of the National Institute on Aging (NIA) Go4Life Fitness Program.

How We Do It

We do this in a variety of different ways, the most important of which is to empower you the Caregiver with the most up to date information regarding the everyday needs of the person you are caring for.

We believe in building “Partnerships and Relationships” with the “Best of the Best”. We look for companies, organizations, governmental and non governmental, Universities, and other entities that specialize in solving problems for Alzheimer’s patients and their Caregivers.

We bring them too you only after we have vetted them and make sure that they are people of integrity, and with only the highest of morals, values, principals, and quality standards, weather they offer products, services, or information. You can be sure that if you have any contact at all with them, they will treat you with the utmost dignity and the respect that you deserve.

These “Partnerships and Relationships” will make a difference in your ability to become the “Best Caregiver you can be”.

We also believe that through the use of technology, we can provide you with products, services, and solutions to some of the unique problems that Alzheimer’s disease presents to the Caregiver.

Why We Do What We Do

We all here at (ARA) are currently or have been Caregivers to Alzheimer’s patients. And through our experiences, and our research we hope to give you a place to turn to for answers to some of your most important questions regarding the Care for Alzheimer’s patients.

Whether you’re a Family Caregiver or a Professional Caregiver, we want you to turn to us for those answers. We will strive to earn your trust to be an elite source of information you can depend on.

You as a Caregiver

If you find yourself in the position of becoming a Caregiver for an Alzheimer’s patient you are most likely overwhelmed with the amount of time, patience, and general lack of knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease.

You have just found an organization that will do its best to get you all the answers to all your questions and help you with cope with this dreaded disease. Alzheimer’s disease is such an overwhelming disease, a first time Caregiver can get lost through the maze of all the information on the subject. Our goal is to help you make sense of all the different things you need to know, and help guide you through the Caregiving process.

We here at the Alzheimer’s Research Association (ARA) do not intend for our organization to be in competition with any of the other various fine organizations that dedicates themselves to the “race for a cure”, but to compliment them by focusing our efforts on just the Caregiver. Alzheimer’s disease can use all the help it can get, from as many sources as it can get to combat this very real and devastating disease.

Join In the Fight

We recommend that you become a member of the Alzheimer’s Research Association. And receive all the benefits of full membership. Membership is FREE (See Membership Page) If Alzheimer’s disease has invaded your life, being a member of the (ARA) can greatly enhance the way you fight this disease.

Stay Updated

Also please check our blog to keep yourself updated on the always changing information on Alzheimer’s. We use the blog as a communication tool to keep the important information on Caregiving, and other important factors flowing to you on an ongoing basis. We post news, articles, events, and Wandering Alerts for our members and visitors so the information is always flowing to you. We continually update our blog. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. We promise that the information we post will be of value, and we will not spam you with useless information.

Our Promise to You

Please check back with us often. We here at the Alzheimer’s Research Association (ARA) make a promise to you that we will continually strive to grow and earn your trust to be an elite source of information. We already have plans to add more aspects to our organization that will make your Caregiver’s job an easier and more rewarding experience.


Welcome to the Alzheimer’s Research Association

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