I am more than honored to share how the Alzheimer Research Association blessed both me and my mother with a grant. During COVID 19, visitation at Renaissance Health & Rehabilitation facility is scheduled for family members visiting to assist with resident feeding. Meaning, family members not assisting with feeding their love one will not be granted visitation.

Before COVID, my visits routinely consisted of seeing my mother 3 x times a day, 7 days a week. For example, on my way to work, during my lunch break and on the way home. Thanksgiving weekend, my company granted employees to be off. I chose to spend holiday weekend with my mother Dorothy Cross. The travel from Port Saint Lucie to Palm Beach County would have been extremely tiresome, Therefore, I took the remaining monies from the scholarship to book a hotel near the facility. It was a blessing being able to afford a hotel for 3 days.

The quality time spent without being hurried was remarkable. I fed her mash potatoes, pureed foods such as turkey, collard greens and candied yams. She was too full to eat the chocolate pudding. On December 22, 2020, Dorothy Cross, my mother turned 91 years young.

On that day, I provided cupcakes for my mother to share with staff and other patients. I am forever grateful for your organization. I introduce you to the love of my life, my mother Dorothy and son Robert.

Again, thank you so much.

- Deborah




I was able to help pay for sitter to help me while I take care of my young children’s needs. Homework, being able to take them to softball/practice. They need me, but my mother gets most of my attention especially after sundown.
Such a relief.

- Barbara


I able to install ramps instead of stairs in my home because stairs are so hard for her to handle and now I can monitor her sleep with camera so I don’t have to keep interrupting my own sleep checking in on her.
Thank you thank you,

- Johnathan


I was able to pay bills as I run my own business that has suffered
greatly due to the pandemic. We still have two younger children age 9 and 13 and one in college.
Thank you for everything.

- Sara


I hired a caregiver to help my husband because he is he is a full time hands on Alzheimer’s patient. A new caregiver
gave him chance to communicate with someone new. It also gave me time to get some things done for him.
Thanks Alzheimer’s Research Association

- Brenda


My husband had no income at this time and we used the grant for bills and living expenses. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Alzheimer’s is such a awful disease.
Thank you Alzheimer’s Research Association

- Katie


I am so grateful for Alzheimer’s Research Association grant as I was able to repair my floor that was uneven and caused my Dad to fall. Thank you so much!

- Rachel


I just recuperated from major surgery. Our son stayed with us but now needs to go back to his home. This really helped for paying someone to come here occasionally to help with my wife.
Thank you so much.

- Ben


Hi hope this message reaches you in good faith. May I start by apologizing for the delay.
Yes! I received the money which was such an awesome moment . I really needed the money to go towards bills that I was falling behind in. I really would like to think you Mr.Peterson and the organization for the help. Caretakers are truly overlooked and under appreciated . Thanks for not being part of the norm.
From me and my great mother Debra Kay we say thanks!

- Taylor


Just wanted to thank you so much for the grant money I received for my mother, Marge Meldrum. This was a very generous gift and
I plan to use the gift towards some important safety devices throughout our home. I will also be purchasing some personal things for her that bring her much comfort.
She loves purple and a soft purple blanket and bedding are going to make her smile. God bless you dearly.
I am so blessed!!! Love Michele (daughter)

- Michele


I would like to thank the Alzheimer’s Research Association in receiving the phone call that I was a grant recipient. It made me fell special.
I used the grant money to buy Dad clothes for his adult daycare he just started this month. He felt special. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

- Anonymous
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