I just recuperated from major surgery. Our son stayed with us but now needs to go back to his home. This really helped for paying someone to come here occasionally to help with my wife.
Thank you so much.

– Ben




I was able to help pay for sitter to help me while I take care of my young children’s needs. Homework, being able to take them to softball/practice. They need me, but my mother gets most of my attention especially after sundown.
Such a relief.

- Barbara


I able to install ramps instead of stairs in my home because stairs are so hard for her to handle and now I can monitor her sleep with camera so I don’t have to keep interrupting my own sleep checking in on her.
Thank you thank you,

- Johnathan


I was able to pay bills as I run my own business that has suffered
greatly due to the pandemic. We still have two younger children age 9 and 13 and one in college.
Thank you for everything.

- Sara


I hired a caregiver to help my husband because he is he is a full time hands on Alzheimer’s patient. A new caregiver would give him a new
I gave him chance to communicate with someone new. It also give me time to get some things done for him.
Thanks Alzheimer’s Research Association

- Brenda


My husband had no income at this time and we used the grant for bills and living expenses. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Alzheimer’s is such a awful disease.
Thank you Alzheimer’s Research Association

- Katie


I am so grateful for Alzheimer’s Research Association grant as I was able to repair my floor that was uneven and caused my Dad to fall. Thank you so much!

- Rachel
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