Long-Term Care

According to a new study by the Alzheimer’s Association the annual cost of caring for one individual with Alzheimer’s disease ranges from nearly $18,500 to more than $36,000, depending on the stage of the disease. And these numbers are just averages.

The real costs can even reach far above these numbers, depending on what type of care is needed, and where that care is given. There are a many different factors that go into figuring out what the real costs are.

It is a common misconception that Medicare and Medicaid will help pay for long-term care. This is not the case.

The average American is living longer because of advancements in medicine.

When you consider that the costs associated with Alzheimer’s disease, you begin to understand that it is almost next to impossible to afford to give the proper care we would like to give to our patients.

The time to plan is now.

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