What kinds of products and services does the Alzheimer’s Research Association offer?

The Alzheimer’s Research Association offers easy-to-read E-books to help give you some of the most important information on handling the disease and the problems that it presents.

We have a complete store on-site for any and all products that would make the lives of caregivers, patients, and seniors in general easier. In our store we have everything from bed pans to electric scooters for mobility, rehab products to incontinence solutions.

We offer a GPS locating and monitoring device to help tackle the problem of wandering.

Easy to install and monitor sensoring devices for helping with the problem of giving the caregiver peace of mind when letting their loved ones live independently.

We will continually update and keep the latest technological advancements in mind to help with any problem that you as a caregiver may face.

With the help and partnering of some of the best companies in the world, we offer monitoring services and discounts to mind game sites like Lumosity.com. Lumosity is a brain game site to help not only Alzheimer’s patients but their caregivers as well to keep their minds healthy and active.

We also offer caregiving classes to help family caregivers understand the disease and help them solve the problems they will face as the disease progresses.

At the moment we offer these classes for the family caregiver, and we are currently working on classes to help the professional caregiver educate themselves with all the newest information on how to properly care for an Alzheimer’s patient.

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