What kind of research do we do?

As an organization, we do not do “hands on” research dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

We, instead, research and gather timely information relevant to helping caregivers more effectively support their Alzheimer’s patients. The Alzheimer’s Research Association (ALZRA) makes sure that caregivers get the information we find that would be of the greatest interest and help to them, so they can be the best caregiver they can be.

Every day there are hundreds of new studies that come from universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinical trials, health alerts, magazine articles, news articles, videos and sources, authored and/or created from numerous experts within the field.

As an organization, we examine the information and attempt to prioritize and organize it in a form that provides the most benefit to both the caregiver and the patient. We then pass that information to our members in the form of Alzheimer’s Alerts, caregiver articles, and post some of that information on our blog, such as Wandering Alerts, that we feel that everyone should know about immediately.

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